8 early warning signs of a stroke that cannot be ignored

Have you ever thought, what happens if a part of your brain stops to function properly? This often occurs, when one or more of the arteries, which supply blood to the brain tissue, get clogged or rupture. This condition is known as stroke.

When fatty plaques build up inside the brain arteries, they can eventually block the lumen and reduce blood flow. As a result, brain cells don’t get enough oxygen and die off. This trouble is called ischemic stroke, which is the most frequent type of strokes.

The other problem is, if the brain artery bursts. In this situation certain part of the brain appears oxygen-deprived. In addition to this, blood that flows out of the damaged vessel, destroys nearby brain cells. Doctors call this hemorrhagic stroke.

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Every 40 seconds one person in the US experiences stroke and every four minutes stroke kills someone in our country.

It’s impossible to predict, what will occur after the stroke. While one person stays active and self-supporting, other one may become paralyzed for the whole life or unable to understand the speech.

Unfortunately it’s not always possible to prevent stoke developing.

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It’s extremely important to recognize it as soon as possible. The earlier problem is detected, the higher chances for successful treatment a patient has.

Medical professionals say that early restoring of blood circulation can save a life and prevent disability. Treatment is the most efficient if started within one hour of the onset of stroke symptoms.

That’s why it’s so important to know early signs and symptoms of this dangerous disorder. Call for medical help without delay, if noticed one or more of these symptoms in yourself or in someone near you:

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#1. Uneven smile – ask a person to smile. Lopsided smile, numbness in one side of the face or drooping one side of the face may indicate stroke occurrence.

#2. Severe headache – everyone experiences headache from time to time. But unbearable severe headache, which is not similar to any headache in your life, may be a warning sign of stroke.

#3. Weakness – no, it’s not about general fatigue after a stressful day. In stroke, weakness appears suddenly anywhere in the body (most commonly, on one side like in the left arm and left leg). So if you ask a person to raise both arms, one of them will drift down.

#4. Vision troubles – if your vision has become hazy or double abruptly, or if you can’t see with one eye at all, it’s time to call for emergent help.

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#5. Loss of balance – trouble walking and poor coordination may develop if stroke has happened in the cerebellum.

#6. Difficulty speaking and/or understanding – if it appears hard to understand and repeat simple words, it may be a sign of stroke.

#7. Lightheadedness and fainting – you may lose consciousness due to wide variety of reasons, and stroke is one of them.

#8. Loss of memory – many people, who underwent stroke, fail to remember their name, date, home address etc.

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