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7 Ways To Cure Corns and All Types of Blisters

There are two frequent problems that can arise in those who adore beautiful and more closed shoes: calluses and blisters that bother a lot when they appear.

The good news is that both problems can be cured with the proper treatment.
How do bubbles arise?

There are several reasons that, isolated or combined, provide the appearance of calluses and / or blisters. The most common are:

Sweat, which softens the skin and leaves it more sensitive to friction;

Mismatch of the stockings, causing an irregular friction between stocking and skin;

Take a warm bath before walking;

Use of inadequate and non-impermeable footwear; seams or internal protuberances of footwear.

How to prevent?

It is advisable to buy shoes suitable for the type of activity you want to perform, that do not hurt the feet. Never wear very tight shoes, but do not leave them loose so as not to touch.

The next time you try to heal calluses and blisters on your feet, try some of these natural forms.

Keep clean. This is important if the blister overflows. The blisters need time to heal and you do not want to cause an infection, complicating things even more.

Wash the blisters gently with warm water and soap. Keep the affected area always clean and continue to apply an antiseptic.

Rest. If you have a callus or blister caused by running shoes, try different shoes or rest a few days or even a week.

Avoid the activity that caused the blister or callus, giving time to heal. If you abuse, it will not only make the situation worse but it will also make it take longer to heal.

Fresh air. Whenever possible, let the affected area breathe a little without healing.

In case you have to continue exercising and submitting the place of the blister to friction, at least apply an antiseptic on ointment and cover the ampoule with gauze and bandage so that it does not leave the place during exercise.

Calm with chamomile. You can dilute a sachet of chamomile tea in warm water and apply to the ampoule as if it were a compress. This will help to calm the pain.

Try Aloe vera. Aloe soothes the damaged skin (callus) and helps heal the blister.

Try vitamin E . Vitamin E helps the skin heal faster and prevents scars caused by calluses or blisters.

Immerse yourself Take a warm bath with enough salts to help soothe the blister, which also helps reduce swelling, draining naturally.

Warning: If the blister has broken, the salts can cause burning!

And it burst? Usually you do not want to intentionally burst the blister or break the callus, it increases the likelihood of infection. If the blister ruptures, resist the urge to remove loose skin.

Instead, wash gently with soap and water and leave the skin in place. This skin will naturally protect the blister from irritation and prevent an infection.

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