7 home remedies to pamper the feet in the rainy season

How sad it does not sound, but the beach season will soon leave us… and it will be replaced by a rainy season. And this means that we must take better care of our health, skin and hair. But what about our feet? Most women tend to neglect their feet on these rainy days.

The thing is, in the rainy season, our feet can get extremely dirty. The mud and the dirt can invite infections and allergies. The feet are the vital part of the body, so you need to give them more care.

“Walking in the rain may be fun, but don’t forget that your feet are a vulnerable and exposed part of the body, and are prone to infections like leptospirosis, fungal infections and so on. The area between the toes must be kept dry with a clean towel after washing them with soap and water,” said Dr Apratim Goel, dermatologist and laser surgeon Director, Cutis skin studio, Mumbai.

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Here are 7 home remedies to pamper the feet in the rainy season:

#1. You can apply the paste of henna (mehendi) leaves in the affected crevices between the toes and leave it until the pack gets dry and cracks. Then rinse with water.

#2. We all know turmeric paste for its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, so it can be applied effectively around the toes to get rid of fungal infections.

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#3. In case your feet are itching, then apply some lemon juice and vinegar.

#4. You can massage some onion juice between the toes. This method will help you relieve itching and athlete’s foot.

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#5. For this rainy season, we recommend using mint based creams and foot scrubs, since mint is a natural deodorant and is also a good antiseptic.

#6. Pay attention to basil based foot packs, because they are a good option for your feet.

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#7. In order to combat feet odor, mix 1 tsp of peppermint oil in half bucket of tub of warm water with handful of neem leaves. When done, soak your feet for 10-20 minutes. Dry your feet and spray talcum powder on it. This procedure will help you reduce the perspiration and odor.

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