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7 habits of women with beautiful perfect skin

It’s almost summer time, and we bet many of you are already making vacation plans and trying on swimsuits… But oh no, there it is, the dreadful “orange peel”-like skin. The good news is that cellulite is not a defect at all. About 90% of girls have it. It’s practically invisible on some bodies because of the peculiarities of the body structure. While it’s not possible to get rid of cellulite completely, it’s perfectly possible to reduce its visibility. So, how to make your skin smoother and more toned?

We have compiled a list of simple and effective ways to fight cellulitis.

#1. Proper nutrition

According to the common myth, losing weight makes cellulite disappear. It doesn’t. Anti-cellulite war begins with proper nutrition. The diet must include:

  • protein (meat, legumes, nuts);
  • lecithin (eggs, tomatoes, spinach, soy);
  • fatty acids (fish, olives, avocados);
  • fruits and vegetables that help burn fat (grapefruits).

#2. Hydration

The most useful type of fluid for the body is your ordinary water. Nutritionists recommend drinking 1.5-2 liters of water a day (not including tea, coffee and other drinks).

#3. Working out

If you gain more calories than you can burn, you have excess fat, which, of course, is responsible for the “orange peel” effect. Regular physical exercising helps burn what you don’t need and tone your body. In this case, don’t take up weightlifting or dumbbells, but opt for squats, rope-jumps, jogging or aerobics.

#4. Massage

Self-massage using special brushes and cups is as effective as professional anti-cellulitis massage.

In special salons and facilities, massage is performed by devices that destroy the accumulated layers of hypodermic fat and improve metabolism.

What’s more effective is the type of massage involving essential oils that penetrate the epidermis, burning fat and eliminating lymph stagnation.

#5. Scrubs

Anti-cellulite ointments will not bring the desired effect, but the correct type of scrub removes the keratinous layer of the skin, improves blood circulation and accelerates metabolic processes:

  • Ground coffee scrub makes your skin regain elasticity, smoothness, and cellulite less noticeable;
  • sea salt scrub will remove excess moisture from the cellulite zone.

#6. Contrast shower

Contrast shower improves blood circulation and stimulates metabolism.

The water pressure stimulates the lymph begins to intensively clean the skin and subcutaneous layers.

Aim the water stream at problem areas from a distance of 3 inches and massage: the sciatic area with circular movements, legs with upwards-downwards movements in front and down-up movements from behind.

#7. Sauna

The high temperatures in the sauna enhances blood and lymph circulation, making the skin smooth and elastic.

The sweat glands open, releasing toxins, and the skin is cleared from stagnant fat.

Just one visit to a sauna per week will smooth subcutaneous fat layer.

Wrapping with special oils or medical mud will also help.

P. S. All these ways to fight cellulite will bring a noticeable result only when used together. Only one methods may not be effective enough.

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