6 Health Benefits of Massaging Your Breasts

Did you know that massaging your breasts has health benefits?

Surprisingly enough, you can improve your overall health by doing this self-massage therapy. The instructions are very simple. But, first, let’s see what are the health benefits of breast massage.

Lowers the risk of fibroids, cysts, and cancer 

Breast self-massage is a preventive measure to see whether you have any tissue changes and detect breast disease. Additionally, this massage can stimulate the circulation of the lymph which contains lymphocytes. These white blood cells fight infection and destroy damaged or abnormal cells. They also have the ability to eliminate toxins.

Enlarges breasts size 

As you probably know, hormones influence pain, appetite, and growth, so hormones are involved in the size of your breasts too. This massage will help you stimulate your body and boost your growth hormone levels. Apply essential oils to speed up the process.

Reduces pain and discomfort 

Many women experience discomfort and tenderness in their breasts during the menstrual cycle. By massaging your breasts, you will increase blood and lymph circulation and feel instant relief. Just, add a few drops of essential oil with calming effect like chamomile to the massage oil. Then, use this solution to massage your breasts.

Prevents sagging and improve shape 

There are no muscles in the breast tissue, so you should massage them regularly to improve their shape and enhance their size. This massage tightens and tones your sagging skin.

Prevents and reduces wrinkles 

Massaging your breasts the right way increases circulation in breast tissue and causes cells to regenerate.

Reduces scars 

Women who had breast surgery should massage their breasts every day. Massaging has a healing effect on the scars and reduces the pain after surgery. Use essential oils while doing this massage.

How to massage your breasts the right way:

Use a lubricant 

Use olive oil to nourish your breast skin. Plus, it will help you move your hands smoothly.

Warm hands 

Apply some cream oil onto your hands before you start with the self-massage therapy. Then, rub them together until you feel them warm. Now, start massaging them.

Rub breasts

First, put your hands on your breasts. Then, rub them gently by making circular motions. Make sure you move your right hand clockwise and the left one counter-clockwise. The massage should last a couple of seconds. Also, make sure you are very gentle.

Repeat this breast massage twice a day. For best results, do one massage in the morning, and the other one in the evening. This treatment requires only 10 to 15 minutes.



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