5 key signs that a man doesn’t love the woman he dates


It happens that it is so hard for women to accept the truth that their partner does not like them, that they even refuse to understand it for obvious reasons. At the same time, they are constantly looking for signs of love and, if there are no such, they can even create them in their minds.

The quicker you take off your pink glasses and realize that love has gone, the faster you will be happy in your life, even, if not with this man, so with another one. However, for this, you do not need to look for the signs of his love, but you need to look for the signs that he does not love you.

You should not listen to his words, he can say everything you want to hear. You should pay your attention to his actions. Only his words that are supported by actions mean something. If you have hesitations and are not sure whether your partner loves you or not, look through these five signs. They will show that you should move on and stop your destructive relationship:

#1. You are not one of his priorities. If this happens and you feel that he always has something more important than you and your relationship, he does not love you.

#2. He is allergic to commitments. You can not rely on your man. Every time when you need to talk about future plans or some commitments, he runs away.

#3. You are always his plan B. You should be the most important thing for your man. If he calls you at the last moment and wants you to throw everything for him, he is using you and nothing more.

#4. He badmouths the exes. If a man has serious intentions, he will never communicate with his exes a lot. You should be his main woman and he should forget about exes.

#5. He tries to manipulate your decisions or opinions. He thinks that he is always right and you should think and behave as he wants. Again, he is just using you. A loving and caring man will never behave like this.


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