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Our body needs subcutaneous fat. This is a kind of reserve. Replenishing the energy reserves of the body, it gives us vital energy and warms in the colder seasons. Constantly eating, we replenish our fat stores. However, with their considerable exaggeration, the body begins to store the reserves not in the subcutaneous layers, but directly around the internal organs. Such internal fatty interlayers are called visceral fat.

There is an increase in fatty layer around the stomach, liver, gallbladder, intestines, kidneys, genital organs. Excess of visceral fat blocks the flow of blood and lymph to the internal organs. The ventilation of the lungs deteriorates, an imbalance of oxygen in the body is formed, which leads to difficulty breathing and sleep apnea. Visceral fat is the fat surrounding the internal organs.

Despite the fact that in small amounts, this fat is important for the normal functioning of the body, its excess leads to a number of serious problems: from squeezing organs to hormonal changes. In most cases, the reason for the formation of visceral fat is banal – a sedentary lifestyle and excessive caloric intake. The internal fat is deposited mainly inside the abdominal cavity, significantly squeezing the stomach forward and giving the body a spherical shape of an apple.

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Genetics argue that the propensity to accumulate visceral fats is primarily a genetic predisposition. However, we ourselves are also guilty of accumulating it. Women with a pear-shaped structure of the figure are lucky almost not to have it. As a rule, the owners of wide hips and thin waist tend to accumulate this type of fat much less.

Regardless of the structure of the figure and the genetic predisposition the production of female hormones decreases in women after 40 years and the likelihood of an increase in visceral adipose tissue increases at times.

The good news is that visceral fat is the easiest to burn. Since it is gained with a really sedentary lifestyle and excessive caloric intake, the normalization of the diet and moderate exercise can help the body get rid of it very quickly.

Weekly weight loss of one pound is quite achievable with a sufficient level of motivation. It is also important that getting rid of internal fat drastically and significantly transforms a person – there is a pleasant sensation of lightness, discomfort disappears, and legs no longer swell. Let’s look at all ways to burn visceral fat in details:

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#1. Follow a healthy, balanced nutrition plan. It is extremely important to resist the urge to keep an aggressive diet or start starving. This will not help burn fat faster, but will only make the body feel shock. Despite the fact that you should completely change your diet, which has become the reason for weight gain, do it gradually. At this stage, it is enough to keep the daily calorie rate, exclude fast food, sweets and other fast carbohydrates, increase the amount of fiber, green vegetables and other healthy foods in the diet, and just not overeat (especially in the evening) to lose excess weight. Try to minimize the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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#2. Increase the amount and intensity of your exercise. The stores of visceral fat formed in the absence of physical activity differ by a small number of capillaries. In fact, it is an inert mass that the body does not even try to use for energy metabolism. In order to retrain it, you need to exercise on a regular basis. Under the influence of aerobic and cardio loads of medium intensity, the blood flow in adipose tissue gradually increases, as a result of which the body begins to use visceral fat as a source of energy, which leads to its smooth burning. Moreover, the process is accelerated with time. For successful burning of visceral fat, it is recommended to perform 2-4 cardiovascular exercises per week, for 45-60 minutes each. After one or two months and successful achievement of the first results, you can gradually move on to strength exercises and begin training your abdominal muscles.

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#3. Stay motivated and on track. Getting rid of visceral fat and bulging belly is not so difficult. The main thing is not to chase the instant result, but tune into a gradual achievement of a slender body.

#4. Practice healthy lifestyle habits. First of all, remove stress. According to some researches, it was revealed that there is connection between emotional state of a person fat gaining. Also, you should sleep well. Lack of sleep affects internal organs, so many body functions stop working properly.

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