4 simple things to benefit the brain and avoid mental decline


With aging, almost all processes in our bodies slow down. That’s why older adults often have lower metabolic rate, impaired blood flow and cognitive decline.

Your brain works hard 24/7, so it’s natural that it becomes tired after tens of years, especially if you’re engaged in stressful job or have negative emotions too frequently.

Mental impairment is not an abrupt process as usual. It develops and progresses during many years leading to Alzheimer’s disease or some other kind of dementia.

Medical experts say that some patients with mental dysfunction have abnormal proteins, accumulated inside the brain cells and between them.

Another common cause is impaired blood flow in brain arteries, which occurs because fatty plaques stick to the vessels’ walls, grow large and block the lumen, reducing blood flow to the neurons.

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Your chronic diseases and lifestyle play a great role in developing mental problems. Thus, not controlling diabetes and high blood pressure properly, smoking, being physically inactive and eating sugar-rich foods can dramatically increase your risks of getting brain dysfunction.

We have some good news: you have ability to delay mental aging and improve your brain health by your own. Here are simple but helpful tips for you:

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#1. Exercise regularly

Getting regular physical activity is optimal way to stay healthy during many years.

It was found that exercises boost growing and propagation of new nerve cells and help build new connections between them. This results in better brain performance and adaptation.

Moreover, physical activity can also decrease your blood pressure, normalize cholesterol and blood sugar levels that helps improve blood supply of the brain cells and enhance heart functioning.

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#2. Add brain-friendly foods

When your doctor says that you should follow the Mediterranean diet, it doesn’t mean that all you need is pizza and pasta.

In fact, healthy involves taking more fruits, vegetables, substituting red meat to fatty fish and lean poultry, adding olive oil and seasoning dishes with herbs instead of putting salt to them.

It is also recommended to choose antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory foods like blueberries, broccoli, dark chocolate, coffee, nuts and seeds.

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#3. Stimulate your brain

Studies found that reading, playing brain-training mobile apps, doing the crossword and other “mental gymnastics” can really help your brain to create new cells, increase its plasticity and sharpness, improve memory and concentration.

#4. Keep strong friendship

A new research shows that those, who have strong social ties, have lower risks of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Having friends and staying active can really help avoid many age-related problems and add years to your life expectancy.

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