3 Best Brain Foods To Boost Focus

The Brain is the most complicated organ in our bodies. It is the organ that gives orders to every other organ what to do, when to do it and how to do it. So it has a very difficult job in our everyday activity. Knowing this, everyone in their lifetime surely asks themselves how to improve their brain function. You can read in magazines or medical testimonies many different opinions about how to have a clear mind, or a healthy one, but it all comes to this:
If you have a healthy mind you will have a healthy body, and then, the other way around.

So the real question is – How to keep your mind and your body healthy?
The answer is as complex as it is the question. So, one step at a time and let’s focus on our topic.

There are moments in life when you wished you have reacted faster, or proven your real worthiness; Or when you can’t sleep at night, thinking how could you have done something like that in that particular situation? Well, have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, you didn’t give to your brain the correct food or liquid? That maybe your diet is wrong and you don’t feed your brain good enough? Or maybe, you put too much poison in your system that shuts down your brain and makes it slow and sloppy?
Whenever you feel like you are not using your brains’ full potential, and you need a “system reboot” and a boost focus, think of these incredible few lines of text, that have changed the lives of many people.

The first thing you need to do is STOP. The moment you feel something is wrong with you, and you don’t have a clear mind, just STOP whatever you are doing. Nothing good can come out of a polluted mind and heavy thoughts. Take a deep breath and think about what you are doing and what were the reasons for your activity? Because, there is nothing wrong in thinking twice about any action before you complete it. After completion it is all over and there is no going back. Then continue to take deep breaths because that’s the right way to send more blood to your brain, and to help your brain restore and get out of the “black hole” where your andrenaline sent it.

Then, after you can feel your brain is right back on track, you need to help it recover fast. You can send your thoughts to your “happy place”, and try to fix the chemistry in your body that was shaken before, by taking some of the best brain foods that should be complex just like your brain is:

1. A mixture of yogurt, fresh fruit and nuts– The yogurt contains proteins, calcium and potassium and it can also fasten up your metabolism and help your digestive tract convert the food into energy faster. You can add any fresh fruit in the mixture, as long it is rich with potassium which will help you maintain a healthy blood pressure which is always good for your body. And you should add some nuts to the mixture which will give you a crunchy satisfaction with 0% of cholesterol and a high percentage of proteins, minerals and vitamins. It is a great and positive “shock bomb”.

2. A combination of Fish and Vegetables– This combination is a great source of Omega- 3, vitamins, proteins, anti acids and antioxidants which are great brain boosters. A good quality fish meal contains up to 72% crude protein by weight. And when it comes to the combination with vegetables, well you can add any vegetable you want, or even a mixture of vegetables. For example, onions, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes… Anything you love! Cook them well and help your body win even the hardest battles like the one against cancer, diabetes, ect.

3. Dark chocolate and a cup of coffee– Yes, they are good! And yes, they can make your day better! Just don’t take too much of them and don’t take them fast. Take your time and enjoy with this brain boosters before or after a hard physical exercise, after a short night sleep or even after a crazy night out with a bad morning hangover.

Keep your stomach happy, so your mind won’t get distracted and don’t forget to drink plenty of water. The best brain food IS your happy and healthy body.
So keep it that way!

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