20 signs your body is too acidic and 10 ways to quickly alkalize it

Acidosis has a hurtful effect on the vital organs, bones, skin, intestines and almost every other part of the body. Bodies that are overly acidic, are generally more prone to infections and diseases.

When the body is acidic, it is a fertile ground for numerous ailments and diseases, that can lead to chronic inflammation.

If you are wondering, what is it that makes your body acidic, you should know that it is stress and your eating habits. Processed foods will affect the pH values in your body and it will lack sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, which will eventually lead to osteoporosis. Cancer also “loves” this kind of environment.

Acidic environment in the body can be created by meat, soy, grains and dairy. The same thing can be said for refined sugar, highly processed foods, coffee, sugar replacements, alcohol and GMOs.

20 symptoms of acidosis:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Skin issues such as acne, dermatitis, eczema and rashes
  • Sinus issues
  • Poor immunity
  • Sore muscles and pain in the joints
  • Excess phlegm/mucus
  • Kidney and bladder infections
  • High risk of stroke and heart attack
  • Parkinson’s, dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Chest pain
  • Diabetes
  • Candida and yeast infections
  • Chronic cough
  • Obesity or weight gain
  • Bloating, acid reflux, indigestion and excess gas
  • Allergies
  • Poor mental skills
  • Sciatica and stiff neck
  • Cavities and sensitive gums
  • Chronic fatigue

When the body is acidic, it draws alkalizing elements from the tissues, which affects the normal function of the body. This means that when your body tries to regulate its pH values, the systems cannot carry their function.

We are going to give you some tips on how to alkalize your body:

  • You need to drink enough water. This will help your body to remove the waste material and toxins.
  • A great alkalizing agent is lemon water.
  • You need to eat more vegetables, fruits, seeds, legumes, nuts and beans.
  • Green vegetables will alkalize your body, you can add them to your salads, smoothies or green juices.
  • Limit the intake of acidic foods, especially dairy products like meat, soda, pastry, coffee, soy, popcorn, alcohol, seafood, white vinegar, artificial sweeteners, fish and wheat products.
  • NEVER use GMO foods.
  • You also need to take a good care of your mental health. You need to avoid stressful situations and fear, jealousy, anger and resentment are your worst enemies. You can practice yoga, swim, or use some form of meditation in order to relax your mind and body.
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