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15 anti-cellulite essential oils for healthier skin


Every woman dreams of an ideal body and velvet skin, but often our way of life, stress, workload, lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating lead to the state of our body which is far from ideal even without age-related changes.

Cellulite, is the scourge of modern women. This is a problem which needs to be fought. Essential oils belong to one of the most effective methods. They are used in baths, anti-cellulite massage is simply not possible without essential oils, various masks and wraps are based on them.

Essential oils optimize metabolic processes in tissues, stimulate metabolism and regeneration processes, help to remove inflammation of the nervous and connective tissue. So, they do what is so necessary in the complex fight against cellulite. Let’s look at 15 best anti-cellulite essential oils:

#1. Grapefruit essential oil. Grapefruit oil accelerates the flow of lymph and removes excess fluid from the body.

#2. Citrus essential oils. They remove toxins, slags and excess fluid from the cells.

#3. Rosemary Essential Oil. It instantly disperses blood in the problem area and causes fat cells to break down.

#4. Juniper essential oil. It has soothing, anti-inflammatory components, so that the skin and muscles quickly come back to normal.

#5. Clary Sage essential oil. It reduces wrinkles and cellulite quite well.

#6. Fennel essential oil. It actively removes slag from the skin.

#7. Cinnamon Bark essential oil. It has powerful toning properties, improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in the skin.

#8. Geranium essential oil. It gives elasticity to the skin.

#9. Cypress essential oil. Due to its properties of deep penetration and influence on cellular metabolism, cypress oil is very useful in fight with cellulite.

#10. Patchouli essential oil. It gives the skin firmness and freshness, eliminating excessive dryness of the skin, promoting tissue regeneration.

#11. Lemongrass essential oil. It improves metabolism, normalizes blood circulation and makes the skin smooth.

#12. Celery Seed essential oil. It removes toxins very well.

#13. Oregano essential oil. It stimulates blood circulation and removes slags.

#14. Thyme essential oil. It normalizes hormones and smoothes the skin.

#15. Cedarwood essential oil. It deals with cellulite very well and removes toxins.

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