12 healing properties of honey

It is true that not everyone is a huge fan of this tasty substance called honey, but no one can disagree with the fact that it is extremely useful and effective when it comes to health. These days, people started using honey for almost anything, and they have a reason for that. The thing is that for many years honey has been underestimated and the use of it was limited due to unknown reasons, whereas now it is on its highest point of popularity.

We have taken all the pros and cons into consideration and come to the conclusion that if you are the one to take proper care of yourself and your health you simply bound to know about all the properties that honey possesses, so get ready!

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#1 Acne

People believe that acne is limited only to a certain age while the truth is that no matter how old you are you are always prone to get an acne breakout. What is more despite the number of advertised products not all of them are equally effective against acne, and instead of wasting your time on the research we have a ready treatment for you – honey. All you need is a tablespoon of honey and olive oil, and the perfect anti-acne mask is ready. Use it regularly for the best result.

#2 Heartburn

Those of you who have at least once experienced heartburn know how nasty it may get. Nut there is an easy way to deal with it – just a teaspoon of honey twice a day will cure you of the heartburn in a matter of days.

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#3 Stomatitis

Such a painful problem as stomatitis can also be cured with the help of honey. To start off, you need to soak a cotton ball in water and clean all the sores in your stomach. After that place some honey on a Q-tip and smear it over all the sores. Repeat the procedure a few times a day.

#4 A cough

When there is the slightest sign of coughing, the first thing we do is rushing to the pharmacy. But you can easily take care of this issue with the help of honey. Just add some honey to your regular cup of coffee and drink it at least three times a week. In case you wonder why it is helpful – the thing is that honey helps against the irritation in your throat and caffeine broadens your bronchia so that you breathe easily without a cough.

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#5 Dermatitis

Even though dermatitis may look not that bad in the beginning if you do not treat it transform into pretty nasty-looking and serious disease. However, honey comes in helpful here too. All you need is to place honey bondage over the affected area and leave it o for about three hours daily.

#6 Flu

Just as with a cough when you catch flu you try various medications to help you get better. However, just a few cups of lemon and honey tea can help no worse if not better. Try it out!

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#7 Insomnia

We keep telling you how important sleep is but many people suffer from the condition called insomnia and no matter how badly they would like to fall asleep they just can’t. But there is a magical potion that may help you in this case – all you need is a glass of warm milk with honey, for the better effect you can add some vanilla or cinnamon too.

#8 Cut

Of course, when you cut yourself you are not going to head to the doctor’s office straight away unless it is pretty serious, but even the smallest cut or scratch is unpleasant to deal with, and honey can help you out here as well. Just place some honey over the cut and enjoy the soothing effect.

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#9 Hemorrhoid

It is not acceptable to speak out loud about this condition but still, it exists and you can treat it with the help of honey as well. Combine a teaspoon of honey, 50 ml of olive oil and 50 grams of beeswax and make a paste out of these ingredients. Place the paste over the affected area at least two times a day.

#10 Cold sore

Cold sore is not only affecting your general outlook but also pretty painful to deal with. However, just a little bit of honey rubbed over the affected area will ease out all the symptoms.

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#11 Chapped lips

Honey is not only the perfect lip scrub but also the perfect moisturizer, try it!

#12 After workout treatment

Just a bit of honey after the workout will normalize the sugar levels in your blood. What is more, if you take some honey while working out it may even increase your productivity.



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