10 Habits That Slowly Damage Your Brain

The brain is the most important organ in the body as it performs many important bodily functions.

This organ is very soft and delicate, so you need to take care of it in order to optimize your overall health. The World Health Organisation states that the following habits affect normal brain function.

You do not have stimulating thoughts 

The main function of the brain is to control basic survival functions. It controls your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. You need to constantly stimulate your brain function in order to prevent brain deterioration. Thinking deeply, writing, reading, and learning new things have a positive influence on your brain function.

You don’t eat your breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many people often skip it. They think that in this way they will speed up the process of losing weight. In fact, they will end up with malabsorption of important nutrients for the brain.

You overeat 

People who skip breakfast tend to overeat during the day and they eat more than their body actually needs. This bad habit leads to obesity and high cholesterol levels. Fat and cholesterol buildup narrows or completely blocks the arteries, which decreases your brain power.

You smoke

Smoking damages your brain cells, impedes your ability to take in oxygen, and it affects your blood circulation. Also, nicotine is a major factor in Alzheimer’s disease.

You eat a lot of sugars

Eating foods which are high in sugar inhibits the absorption of necessary nutrients for your body. In this way, your brain cannot function properly.

You don’t get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation kills the brain cells which can lead to irreversible brain damage.

You cover your head when you sleep

Many people do this, but in this way, they only increase the buildup of carbon dioxide and the brain is not getting enough oxygen. This bad habit can result in dementia.

You don’t communicate with other people enough 

You need real conversations. The dominant usage of smartphones and tablets have a negative effect on your brain development. Communicate with people face to face in order to improve your intellectual capacity and the effciency of your brain.

You don’t take enough rest

You continue to work even though you are sick or drained. By overworking your brain you will only damage it.

The city where you live is polluted 

The oxygen is necessary for your brain. Excessive exposure to carbon dioxide can cause a permanent damage to your brain. Spend more time outdoors to get more fresh air whenever you have the chance for that.


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