10 frequent reasons why people walk out on their partners

Unfortunately, most relationships end unevenly. Sometimes one partner wants to finish a relationship, while the other doesn’t want to let him go. No matter what the circumstances or causes, unanswered love is a difficult and painful experience for any of us.

It leaves the abandoned partner confused and filled with unstoppable questions: “Why does it happened?” or “Why didn’t I tried hard to keep this relationship?”.

The truth is that most people are unprepared for the ending of their relationships.

In this article, we would like to show you ten frequent reasons why people walk out on their partners. This information can help you understand why some partners decide to leave a committed relationship. Are you interested? Scroll down to read it right now.

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#1. New love

The most common reason that a partner ends up a relationship is because he or she found a new love. More than fifty percent of breaking up happen for this reason.

#2. Boredom

Being comfortable and secure in relationship can be great, but not for everyone. In order to make relationships work, it is very important to keep the spark alive.

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#3. Escape from maturity

Some people may realize that they are not ready to stay in long-term relationships for a lifetime, as they feel limited.

#4. Needing isolation

Sometimes people may feel the need to change their lives. This unexpected hunger for isolation may happen after devastating loss or painful trauma.

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#5. Disappointment

When people fall in love, they accept and forgive each other. However, after a while one or both partners may face behaviors in the other that become too difficult to endure.

#6. Too many crises

No matter how good the relationship are, it may fall apart if partners can’t deal with their relationship crises.

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#7. Fatigue

Constant fights may wear down any relationship. Some people are just unable to tolerate tension in relationships and choose to leave.

#8. Changing dreams and goals

At the beginning of relationships, most partners share similar dreams and goals. However, over time dreams and goals can change for each partner, and it becomes too difficult to maintain love.

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#9. Wanting more

The other reason for leaving a relationship is the search of new adventures.

#10. The relationship was doomed from the beginning

Sometimes the reason for leaving is that the relationship was a mistake from the beginning. Maybe a partner tried to do everything possible to make it work, but he or she was unable to stay.

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